reginaterrae's Journal

Regina Terrae
31 May
Benedictine oblate and monastery kitchen mistress, hermit-in-training. Learned to know and love God in Al-Anon, and that is still the foundation of my spiritual way of life. Now Roman Catholic, believer in sacrament and individual conscience & discernment, irreverent of dogma, reverent of the Creator, His creatures and creation.

I love my God. I love my brothers and sisters and parents and cousins and nieces & nephews. I love the birds and the beasts and the trees, and all the way down to bugs and slime molds -- nature in all its creative riot. I love my monks and my few other friends. I am deeply grateful for my two LJ friends, my "council of elders". Wendell Berry has the words to express a whole lot of my mind. My Smile.Amazon designee is Amazon Watch.

INFP. ADD-primarily inattentive type.